Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

A recent study by has proven that the common ingredients in penis enlargement pills are effective in increasing blood flow to the penis. However, do not expect penis enlargement pills to work in just a month! It will certainly not. If you order penis enlargement pills, expect it to take at least two to three months before you start noticing any difference combined with a good penis enlargement exercise program. found that l-argenine, yohimbe and epimedium (common ingredients in penis pills) have been shown to be effective natural treatments for erectile dysfunction, increasing blood flow to the penis.

Penis pills increase blood flow to the penis to deliver nutrients, which will supplement your penis exercise growth, and help you gain length quicker, easier and more effectively.

Penis pills are supplements. This is important to know. Let’s use an analogy — body builders use supplements for various purposes. For faster gains, for quicker recuperation, for more energy etc etc (please note we are just talking about run of the mill supplements and not steroids here). One of the more popular supplements is creatine monohydrate.

Now creatine has been proven to enhance gains, make you gain more muscle more quickly, repair the torn muscle fibres more rapidly and generally help you get bigger muscle IF YOU EXERCISE! You can take buckets full of Creatine (not recommended) you will not gain ONE OUNCE of muscle, because Creatine only works if you are actually physically working out and exercising. It is a supplement to enhance your body building EXERCISE program!

Penis pills act in the same way. As the study has shown the typical ingredients of penis pills have been PROVEN at the very least to increase blood flow to the penis. At the very least this is what most body building supplements do. Increase BLOOD FLOW to the damaged muscle fibres to deliver the nutrients it needs to repair itself.

Penis Pills do exactly the same. Increase BLOOD FLOW to the penis to deliver nutrients which will SUPPLEMENT your penis exercise growth, and help you gain length quicker, easier and more effectively.

The difference here is that you need to combine them with a penis exercise program! Now there is a lot of debate on whether penis exercise work or not, but according to the men on the largest community of penis enlargers online, penis exercise is the only way to go to get permanent, real penis enlargement. And they all agree, that penis exercises are the only REAL way to go and MOST of them take SOME FORM OF SUPPLEMENT with their chosen exercise program. Even though some of them also bash the penis pill phenomenon as a scam, most of them do take a supplement in one form or the other. Whether it is in the form of a multi vitamin or a herb or a penis pill.

Penis pills can help you gain inches and size, quicker and more effectively if used in conjunction with a penis exercise program.